Commitment and craftsmanship

Enjoy with the spirit of the team

The completion of the work

Sense with the participation in the ownership of the company

Seriousness and determination to achieve success

Positive change

Orango Company for Poultry S.A.E. was founded in 2008. It was specialized in broilers production by establishment the first production site with million bird’s production capacity.

The expansion began in 2010 by establishment the poultry feed manufacture factory with the latest technological systems to achieve higher production rates in order to provide firstly a high quality product to the company farms, then the Egyptian market. The actual production of factory was started in mid-2013 with 100,000 tons of all kinds of poultry feed per year as production capacity.

The company was added a second production line with highest technology to achieve the best production capacity of up to 250,000 ton/year from mid-2015 due to the success that has been achieved in two years in the field of poultry feed industry and the growing demand for the product.

Our vision

Our vision is arrival of vegetative food security product from poultry to every Egyptian family through an integrated team work for achieving the international quality standards at every stage of the production stages and export of high-quality product to compete in global markets.