Poultry feed is Orango

The idea of ​​the feed industry began to produce high-quality feed through the latest global product lines, including ores free from impurities and mycotoxins through the dust collecting units and automatic impurities separation before each production stage.

The manufacturing stages automatically achieves through the latest control systems at all beginning stages from the receiving of the raw materials and purification from impurities reaching to the grinding and classification according to combinations each product and then mixed automatically wherein the product mixing percentage reaches to 99 %, then transferred automatically to the pistons to carry out the process of cooking, pressing and automatically controlling with product volume through the control systems, then cooling the product to reach the degree of humidity required. the fine laterally separates from the full product and re-pressed again, then product packing achieved  by packing machines electronically in packing sacks of every product or by pour in equipped cars to transfer the product to the farm.

Quality control

The quality management withdraws the samples of raw materials to be accepted or rejected if it is unaccepted with the required specifications.

The quality management reviews all industry stages by taking samples of the pistons and the blender before pressing stage to measure the humidity to reach for a high quality product, then we take samples of the finished product and fully analyze by a NIR system. Samples of all of lots keep for 45 days from the date of Manufacturing in order to preserve our aftermarket.