The Latest Events

Opening of the first poultries production station of the expansions plan of June 2006 in productive energy that values 200.000 birds (hens)

The animal & poultry wealth represents exploitation of the agricultural natural resources in producing the animal protein, it has all agricultural production constituents however it differs in its being an indirect production from land, as it gets the fodders crops, gets benefit of the accidental products of the other crops.
So it is affected by the variables in the agricultural production of: agricultural round, export needs, common & dominant crops & the competition in the international markets.
Since the establishment of the International Exhibition for Poultries, Animals & Fish Management & Production “AGRENA” in Arab Republic of Egypt, it occupies, year by year, the main basic standing & position, the intersecting point between the poultries manufacturers, the animal wealth & its products, the scale of the progress in poultries & animals industry. It is continuously increasing until it became the greatest specialized exhibition in Middle East Zone, it attracted the world sights of manufacturers, consumers & all international companies were racing for participation &
offer all what is new in this industry.